Search for Mentors and Mentees

As a benefit of membership of the AAPF/IAPF, we offer this opportunity for our members to locate Mentors (farriers) and Mentees (students and farriers who are looking to enhance their skills).  To be considered a Mentor or a Mentee you must be a member of the AAPF/CAPF/IAPF. 

Click here for the search program for Mentors and Mentees.

Remember - "Mentors are looking for Mentees" while "Mentees are looking for Mentors".

Be sure to read each profile carefully.  Some Mentors and Mentees are going to be very selective in where they are willing to work and for how long.

If you are interested in contacting a Mentor or Mentee you can:

  • Use this search feature to find Mentors and Mentees; or

  • Contact our Leadership Development Committee Chairman -
  • Contact the AAPF/CAPF/IAPF office at 859-533-1465 or