AFJ Webinars

The AAPF/IAPF is pleased to offer our members and others the opportunity to watch on-demand webinars and presentations and listen to podcasts which have been produced.  Please click on the name of the webinar or presentation to watch or listen to the webinar or presentation at your convenience.  After watching the webinar or presentation, AAPF/IAPF members should click on the link to request that CE credit be awarded to the member.

NOTE:  The techniques and comments stated by the presenters are those of the presenter and not those of the AAPF/IAPF or sponsor.

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PLEASE NOTE:  A maximum of 8 AAPF CE Credits may be submitted per day.


"Laminitis: Research and Recommendations on Management"
       Presenter:  James Orsini BS DVM

"Glue-On Shoeing Application Techniques"
       Presenter:  Stuart Muir CJF NZCEF APF

"Rasps: Better Use of This Tool"
       Presenter:  Bob Smith CF APF-I

"Feeding the Foot"
       Presenter:  Dr. Richard Godbee, Farnam, Horse Health & Vitaflex

"Is a Research Degree Necessary or Even Possible?"
       Presenters:  Representatives of Royal Veterinary College

"Various Strategies For Managing Navicular Syndrome"
       Presenter:  Dr. Josh Zacharias, Countryside Large Animal Veterinary Service, Greeley, Colorado
"Improve Your Efficiency And Effectiveness With Hand Tools"
       Presenter:  Josh Garner, GE Forge & Tool Company

"Mistakes to Avoid When Using Hoof Boots"
       Presenter:  Daisy Bicking DEP CFGP CLS APF-I

"Best Tips for Managing Springtime Hoof Care"
       Presenter:  Stuart Muir CJF NZCEF APF

"Teaching Hoof Care in Developing Countries"
       Presenter:  Mark Aikens DWCF FdSc

"Equine Nutrition & Hoof Health"
       Presenter:  Dr. Christine Skelly

"Barn Management for Farriers"
       Presenter:  Tim Shannon CJF AWCF APF

"Treating Abscesses (Advice for Farriers)"
       Presenter:  Steve Kraus CJF APF

"10 Tips to Keep Footcare Clients Happy"
       Presenter:  Red Renchin CF APF

"Working with High-Level Hunters & Jumpers"
       Presenter:  Red Renchin CF APF

"Successfully Shoeing the Thoroughbred Racehorse"
       Presenter:  Jim Jimenez

"Treating Hoof Avulsions"
       Presenter:  Jeff Ridley CJF TE APF

"Glue-On Shoes: Strategies, Myths & FAQ"
       Presenter:  Pat Reilly

"Modifying Keg Shoes"
       Presenter:  Bob Smith CF APF-I

"Using the Whole Horse Approach"
       Presenter:  Esco Buff PhD APF-I CF

"Shoeing the Club-Footed Horse"
       Presenter:  Bob Smith CF APF-I

"Better Practices for Springtime Hoof Care"
       Presenter:  Red Renchin CF APF

"Hoof Pads: When to Use Them & When to Lose Them"
       Presenter:  Travis Burns CJF TE EE FWCF APF-I

"Using Hoof Boots in Your Farrier Practice"
       Presenter:  Daisy Bicking DEP CFGP CLS APF-I

"Hoof Nutrition: Food for Thought"
       Presenter:  M.W. "Tookie" Myers & Sylvia Kornherr EPT APF-I

"How to Make the AAPF/CAPF Mentoring Program Pay-Off"
       Presenter:  Dave Farley CF APF-I

"Business Strategies for the Farrier"
       Presenter:  Red Renchin CF APF

"Shoeing Reiners: Focusing on the Front Feet"
       Presenter:  Ron Aalders

"Using Dormosedan Gel to Sedate Uncooperative Horses"
       Presenter:  Jacquelin Boggs DVM MS ACVIM

"You're Ready to Shoe ... And He's Thinking ... NO WAY!"
       Presenter:  Jay Donecker VMD MS