Werkman Hoofcare Academy

The AAPF/IAPF is pleased to offer our members and others the opportunity to watch on-demand webinars and presentations and listen to podcasts which have been produced.  Please click on the name of the webinar or presentation to watch or listen to the webinar or presentation at your convenience.  After watching the webinar or presentation, AAPF/IAPF members should click on the link to request that CE credit be awarded to the member.

NOTE:  The techniques and comments stated by the presenters are those of the presenter and not those of the AAPF/IAPF or sponsor.

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PLEASE NOTE:  A maximum of 8 AAPF CE Credits may be submitted per day.



Werkman Horseshoes is closely committed to the farriers and everything they are professionally active in. We are intensely focused on acquiring new knowledge and insights in order to improve farriery and hoof care. Werkman Horseshoes supports farriers as much as possible by sharing knowledge relevant for the proper performance of their work.

The activities of the Werkman Hoofcare Academy enable you to improve your craftsmanship. The academy organizes workshops, the biennial Werkman Spring Games International Farriers Congress, and information sessions about Orthopedic horseshoeing in collaboration with Leipzig University, among other initiatives.

The Werkman Hoofcare Acadamy is a link between craftsmen that want to retain and expand their lead in the craft. At each meeting, participants learn from speakers, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, as well as communicating with each other.