The Study of the Equine Hoof Videos

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I'm so pleased you have taken the time to look at this and I truly hope that you would be interested in supporting me.

However................ please read and agree to follow this instruction.....
If you decide to join me here, please note that all the material in this page is private and is my copyright as I am the owner of the photos and videos.  Please do not share the videos or photos to any medium.  They are for your personal use.    Members who share these copyright videos and photos will be removed from the page.  

My name is Lindsey Field and I live in New Zealand. I am a full time clinical researcher, in my day job, and I have a passionate interest in the equine hoof. Since July 2017 I started dissecting cadaver horse hooves and I created videos of the dissections, for my own personal study. I decided to create a Facebook page called "The study of the equine foot" and at the time of creation, I had 300 followers. I have now nearly 50 thousand followers and I am finding that I just cannot keep up with demand.  These dissections and my further study are all done in my spare time. 

Im spending a lot of time dissecting, studying, videoing, editing, answering questions on Facebook, and communicating directly with interested people that message me.

By pledging $5 US plus tax, per month, you will have access to all my private videos.  Plus photos of my dissections in beautiful detail, not bloody and nasty, but beautiful intricate detailed photos!   I aim to post 1 video a week to Patreon and if I can, and have the material, I will post more frequently, but once a week is my commitment to you. 

I also post in Facebook but I intend to keep all the full videos on Patreon, and just a taster video on Facebook.  However, I still need to keep my Facebook followers engaged, so my intention is to post some full videos on Facebook.  

Facebook is a great and a huge medium for discussions so I would recommend that you look at Facebook and Patreon and get a double dose of hoof geek study!

Why should you help me out?

I am currently dissecting and producing  at least 1 video a week and my costs are becoming very high.  To enable me to continue do this, I need some financial support to purchase new equipment, saw blades, gloves, cadavers, knives, cleaning materials, hooves, petrol to collect the hooves, internet fees, USB sticks, freezers, video lighting, heating, this list is ever increasing......  I really need your financial support. Each hoof costs me around $20 and I get through a lot. 

My videos have helped many horse owners understand the function and structure of the equine foot and in many cases has lead them to realise that their beloved horses feet need some help.  Many people have messaged me thanking me for bringing to their attention seedy toe and cracks that need attention and they have been able to sort this out themselves.  

Vets, farriers and students have greatly benefitted from my videos and of course, most importantly, those that own a horse. 

Thank you so much for reading this.