IAPF State of the Association

You may have heard that in recent months the IAPF has gone through a series of leadership changes.  

Here is a synopsis of those changes:

Resignations received from:
- President Frank Reilly DVM APF-I
- Past President Cathy Lesperance CF APF-I
- Director Esco Buff PhD APF-I CF
- Director Jen Lugton BVSc APF-I
- Director Caleb Bergeleen CF APF-I
- Director Jaret Pullen DVM APF-I
- Executive Director Richard Mongeau

Appointments made:
- Adam Wynbrandt APF-I has been appointed President until December 31, 2022
- Mike Bagley JIICF APF-I has been appointed to fulfill an unexpired two-year term as a Director

Additional staff appointments have been made to provide continued service to our membership.

If you have questions, please contact either President Adam Wynbrandt at adamwynbrandt@gmail.com or Vice President Todd Santoro CF APF-I at hoofmantodd@gmail.com