IAPF Welcomes Record Number of NEW Members!

Mid-August statistics show that IAPF has a record number of new members as compared to the same period in previous years. A total of 115 farriers have joined the association for the first time since January of this year.

A significant number of these new members are also enrolled in (or have completed) the IAPF Foundation Credential. This confirms the interest farriers have in increasing their knowledge and continuing education, through the various credentials available to IAPF members.

Most of these new members are from the United States however, in viewing the list below, you will notice that the IAPF also welcomes members from Canada, Ireland and Norway that have joined since the beginning of the year.
Welcome to the following new members:
Rachel Alonzo AF-I CA
Robert Barnes CA
Jordan Barnette NC
Ramon Batalla SJ
Ace Belvoir AZ
Payton Bergin AK
Nicky Boehnicsh AB (CAN)
Joe Boucher CO
Jace Brett CA
Geoff Britton CA
Shane Buchleitner APF-I PA
Joshua Burnham APF-I GA
Chris Buschor OH
Kaitlyn Campbell FL
Alexandra Carpenter ON (CAN)
Morgan Clark NV
Brian Cline SC
Tye Cooper AF MO
Lacy Cozzi CA
Robin Dougherty WA
Destry Edwards AZ
Gemini Faraon CA
Manuel Faustino CA
Emanuel Fisher PA
Teddy Franke OR
Allyson Garcia CT
Kiana Genda HI
Sergio Gerardo Contreras CA
Jon Jon Giang AF-I CA
Wanda Gortner CA
Ginette Goutier CA
Lily Green VA
Charles Green AF-I CA
Diane Greene CA
Travis Gregg OH
McKay Harley UT
Craig Harrison TX
Anna Hays OR
Tyler Henson AF-I NV
Rogelio Hernandez-Ramirez WA
Joseph Ho'okano III AZ
Leslie Howell TX
Sara Hunt CA
Calum Irvine Ireland
Ryan Jennings NZ
Leah Johnson Or
Pablo Jorgensen CA
Rachel King-Fehringer CO
Andrea Koch CA
Daniel Lally PA
Jersey Lambert CA
Samuel Lambright APF-I MO
Chris Lean CA
Megan Legacy AF-I CO
Jordan Levisky ON (CAN)
Matthew Lockie AF-I CA
Katie Longcoy ME
Yvonne Lucius APF-I TN
Caitlin MacDonald BC (CAN)
Jenna Magyar OH
Cristal Marteney OH
Ephriam Martinez CA
Aaron McAbee APF-I NC
Clint McCandless PA
Leila McCoy VA
Joe McLean BC (CAN)
Leopoldo Medina CA
Guadalupe Medrano CA
Manuel Mendez CA
Joseph Metheney AF-I CA
Gabe Middleton OH
Martin Miller APF-I OH
Scott Morey CT
Elizabeth Morisak OH
Jane Mundy FL
Kaitlyn Niegowski WA
Mette Nyloekken Norway
McLain O'Rourke CA
Jessica Pacheco CA
Andy Painter SC
Jacob Painter NC
Phil Paisley UK
Luke Peevey CA
Lorenzo Pierucci CA
Austin Ralicki PA
Jesus Ramirez CA
Nick Rea OH
Eden Rice WV
Katy Robertson MI
Brittney Rogers AF-I FL
Jordan Salazar CA
Rob Salvador CA
Aaron Sancher ME
Ally Schaffer WA
Rayna Schwartz NY
Erik Servia AF-I AZ
Embry Simon APF CO
Shawn Smith MT
Clarence Solis CA
Tashawna Sorrell FL
Noelle Stolle WA
Arthur Strahl ON (CAN)
Kevin Scott Sullivan Nc
Tristan Thomas CA
Joshua Tillema AF-I CA
Andrew Tiner CA
Cody Toms NC
Juan Valdivia CA
Tyler VanZandt HI
Roberto Velazquez CA
Shelley Walker NY
Shawn Walters MI
Megan Whitaker APF-I NC
Anna Wilcox WA
Daisi Wymore CA