IAPF Award Recipients at the 2022 Annual Meeting

The 2022 IAPF Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 26 during the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The following awards were presented:

Robert "Red" Renchin Leadership Award sponsored by American Farriers Journal / Lessiter Media
Previous Honorees (farriers or veterinarians):
2016 - Robert "Red" Renchin CF APF (awarded posthumously)
2017 - Frank Gravlee DVM CNS and Linda Gravlee
2018 - Robert "Bob" Schantz CJF APF
2019 - Donald R. Jones CJF APF
2020 - David Birdsall CJF APF
2021 - Joseph Yoder APF

2022 Honoree:  David D. Farley CF APF-I

G.E. Forge & Tool Leadership Award sponsored by G.E. Forge & Tool Company
Founding Honorees (non-farrier or veterinarian):  Beth & Walt Garner
2017:  Frank Lessiter, American Farriers Journal
2018:  Alice Musser, American Farriers Journal
2019:  Mike and Mary Barker, Life Data Labs
2020:  Linda Hill, Farrier Product Distribution
2021:  Bud Meader, Meader Supply Corp.

2022 Honoree:  Marguerite Paige, formerly with Mustad Hoofcare

 IAPF / Meader Supply Future Leader Award (sponsored by Meader Supply Corp)
2016:  Gary Gatts APF-I and Lester Yoder APF-I
2017:  Gabe Griffin CF APF-I and Jennifer Poulin APF-I
2018:  Ben Fitzpatrick APF and Joshua Sanders APF-I
2019:  Mary Bramley APF and Laura Gillespie CJF APF
2020:  Logan Lovett CJF APF-I
2021:  Brian Mullins CJF APF

2022 Honorees:  Eva Clark APF-I and Jeremy Lucas CF JICF APF-I

Chairperson Recognition
- Continuing Education Committee:  Caleb Bergeleen CF APF-I
- Credentialing Committee:  Lester Yoder APF-I
- Farrier Assistance Committee:  Christopher Penola APF
- Horse Owner Committee:  Michele MacRae CF APF-I
- Membership Committee:  Todd Santoro CF APF-I
- Social Media Committee:  Audrey Busby APF-I
- Social Media Committee:  Laura Gillespie CJF APF

Top 10 Continuing Education Credit Earners (Non-Clinicians)
- Mike Bagley JIICF APF-I
- Cody Bogard CJF TE APF
- Cory Buff AF-I
- Clint Loomis APF-I
- Jeff Mangone APF-I
- Jon Milliner APF-I
- Joshua Sanders APF-I
- Easton Timko AF-I
- Elise Umstead APF-I
- Cheryl Yoder AF-I

Top 10 Continuing Education Credit Earners (Clinicians)
- Caleb Bergeleen CF APF-I
- Esco Buff PhD APF-I CF
- John Crothers CF APF-I
- Tiffany Gardner CJF APF-I
- Laura Gillespie CJF APF
- Alicia Harlov AF
- Todd Santoro CF APF-I
- Wesley Stewart APF-I
- Michael Wharton CJF APF-I
- Lester Yoder APF-I