Mentoring Information

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The IAPF offers a program which allows for the matching of farrier school graduates and up and coming farriers (Mentees) with professional farriers (Mentors).This program is designed to develop ongoing lifetime relationships of learning, dialog, and challenges. IAPF Continuing Education credits are awarded upon application.

-IAPF Mentoring providesop portunity for farriers of varying skills and knowledge,  from recent farrier and veterinary school graduates to seasoned professionals (Mentees), to form mentoring
relationships with otherk nowledgeable and experienced farriers (Mentors).

-Program refers to the development of a personal and professional relationship.

-Focus is on developing ongoing lifetime relationships of learning, dialogue and sharing.

-Participants eligible to earn IAPF Continuing Education Credits.

Click the link to your right to search for a current list of Mentors and Mentees.  For additional information, please contact International Association of Professional Farriers

Phone: 561-909-7689 Email: 

To have CE's recoreded for being a Mentor/Mentee:

Preferred method: International Association of Professional Farriers

By Phone: 561-909-7689

By Mail: PO Box 223661, West Palm Beach, FL 33422

Both Mentor and Mentee must be current IAPF members for CE consideration.