Mentoring Forms


FORMS (Click on the form name):

  • MENTOR APPLICATION (Professional farriers who are interested in becoming a "Mentor" should use this form).
  • MENTEE APPLICATION (Students or others who are interested in becoming a "Mentee" should use this form.)
  • MENTORING REGISTRATION FORM  (Use this form to register a relationship between a Mentor and Mentee if you plan to apply for AAPF Continuing Education credits for the Mentoring opportunity.)
  • APPLICATION FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS (Use this form to request AAPF Continuing Education credits.)
    • The basis of this opportunity shall be two (2) hours of mentoring or two (2) hours being mentored shall equal one (1) AAPF Continuing Education credit. 
    • The maximum number of hours available for mentoring in a single day shall be eight (8). 
    • Therefore the maximum number of CE credits available per day shall be four (4). 
    • The maximum number of days per application shall be one week (7 days). 
    • The maximum number of AAPF CE Credits available during a calendar year shall be 40 per Mentoring Relationship.  There shall be no maximum as to the number of Mentoring Relationships any Mentor or Mentee shall have at one time.