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Chemin des Queutes – ZAC des Hunaudières  72230 Ruaudin
Phone:  + 33 (0) 2 43 75 08 12
AAPF Member:  Karl Herriau, Area Sales Manager

"Our range of horseshoes has been designed for farriers and vets by a farrier himself. Our aim is to satisfy the sports and orthopedic demands which are continually changing for all horses i.e show-jumping, riding school and race horses. To this end, we work closely with top horsemen of all disciplines and we have developed a wide range of products, combining quality and performance. We are happy to cater for the requirements of horse specialists and do our best to satisfy them."


8072 NW 80th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482
Phone:  352-362-7000 or 352-427-1174
AAPF Member:  Samuel McKee APF

"Accuhoof is a digital hoof gauge that provides toe angle measurement to the tenth of a degree. Accuhoof has been designed to withstand rugged conditions and provide constant reliability in measurement of horse’s hoofs. It’s anodized finish, rugged digital meter, and long life, rechargeable battery make Accuhoof the top choice for toe angle measurement of horse’s hoofs. Like other hoof gauges there is no need to put the hoof down to measure, but with the new backlit LCD screen Accuhoof is superior in hoof angle measuring devices. We invite you to try one of our devices out and see the difference."

42 S Hamilton Place, Gilbert, AZ 85233
Phone: (480) 813-1833
Fax: (480) 813-1801
AAPF/IAPF Member:  David Spano

"The American Equus MonoBloc Horseshoe is the paragon of robustness and elegance in any discipline. The shoes have a lustrous anodized finish that is not only beautiful but functional. The MonoBloc Horseshoe is a light shoe for training sound young and adult horses as well as intense competition. Crafted meticulously with solid 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum our shoes yield a remarkabley comfortable, long lasting, ultra-light weight shoe. The shoe features a rolled front edge for a comfortable break over process, and with no steel wear bar the shoe will wear to the horse naturally with no interference. Counter sunk and beveled topside nail holes allow for accurate nailing with multiple pattern options. Our trademark deep anodizing process inhibits oxidation and prevents fungal growth between the shoe and hoof."

16655 W Wisconsin Ave (PO Box 624), Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: (262) 782-4480 
Fax: (262) 782-1252
Email: Jeremy McGovern -
AAPF/IAPF Members: Frank Lessiter & Jeremy McGovern
"American Farriers Journal is the only North American publication dedicated 100% to fulfilling the ever-changing educational needs of today’s equine hoof-care professional. Farriers, trimmers, equine veterinarians and equine specialists keenly interested and skilled in footcare read American Farriers Journal. This paid subscriber publication provides instructional articles on topics such as foot and leg anatomy, balance, motion studies, equine physiology, forging techniques, hoof nutrition, trimming, therapeutic shoeing, specialty shoeing, new products and other techniques of special interest to readers."

2773 Crenshaw Road, Marshall, VA 20115
Phone: (540) 718-1802
AAPF/IAPF Member: Paige Poss APF
"The horse is a complex, intriguing animal. Anatomy-of-the-Equine is the unraveling of this complexity, a quest to understand the horse from the ground up. As hoof care providers, we have sought to understand what diagnostic tools do not show. For instance, why does the external hoof not always reflect the soundness of the horse? A comprehensive understanding of what is deep inside the hoof is critical. Without it, we are often only making assumptions. To help farriers, veterinarians and informed horse owners, we created a bridge between "book" anatomy and the living breathing horse. By using a variety of modalities to learn the anatomy of horses including carefully dissecting, diligently photographing and then identifying all of the structures; this allows us to visualize and understand the inter- relationship between the structures."


1275 Sea Biscuit Way, Cynthiana, KY 41031
Phone: 859-234-5678
AAPF Member:  Brent Chidsey CF APF

"Manufacturers of farrier and veterinarian storage solutions and mobile work rigs."

PO Box 116, Drummond, WI 54832-0116
Phone: 715-739-6331
Fax: 715-739-6331
AAPF Member: Roy Bloom CJF APF-I

"Recognized throughout the industry, Roy Bloom has a reputation for the greatest attention to detail - and maximum performance - for every product he manufactures. When you purchase tools from Bloom Forge, they come to you ready to function for the purpose they were intended. With over 25 years experience as a farrier, Roy understands the use of the tools."

510 Concession 8, RR # 5, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4 Canada
Phone: 905-751-4625
Fax: 866-535-5368
AAPF Members: Barney Cummings APF & Dave Dawson APF

"BWD Equine Services Ltd. was created in 2004 as a company designed to meet the high demands of horse owners and competitors. BWD Equine Services Ltd. uses three simple rules upon which we base our operations: Integrity, Respect & Dedication. We offer Professional Short Haul and Long Haul Horse Transport with regular service into USA and across Canada. We respect our clientele and communicate regularly to alleviate worry and stress. No wonder our clients keep coming back."

117 N Spring Street, Burlington, WI 53105

Wisconsin Phone: (262) 763-9175 or (800) 666-9175
Wisconsin Fax:  (262) 763-8350

632 Ralph Ablanedo Drive Suite 200, Austin, TX 79748
Texas:  (512) 334-9764 or (888) 229-8877
Texas Fax: (512) 334-9704

AAPF/IAPF Member: Bekki Baas

"Founded in 1960, Centaur Forge is the oldest supplier of Blacksmith and Farrier products in North America. We welcome you to visit either of our store locations in Burlington, Wisconsin or Austin, Texas. If you are not close to one of our stores, you can place your order on-line or phone in your order. With our $8.95 Flat Rate Shipping, all our US customers have the same shipping cost whether they live in Honolulu, Anchorage, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, New York or Chicago. Customers within the Continental US can get Free Shipping on eligible orders of $250.00 or more. These low cost shipping policies prevent nasty surprises when you go to check out on our web site. This is particularly important when you are ordering heavy and/or bulky products like anvils, forges and horseshoes. With a north and south location to ship from we, on average, can ship faster to all locations in the USA."


 PO Box 660266, Arcadia, CA 91066
Phone:  800-856-SHOE (7463)
AAPF Member:  Wes Champagne APF

"Wes Champagne’s influence is felt far beyond the tracks where his horses compete. He revolutionized the equestrian industry with a simple discovery: iodine prevents commonly used adhesives like bondo and putty from sealing onto the hoof. This led to a simple invention: a glue on horseshoe that actually works.  Long before the practice of using cadaver legs as training tools was banned, Wes was thinking about how to take farrier apprenticeship to the next level. Learning the precision of the craft was one thing, practicing it while keeping a 1200-pound horse calm, is quite another. It takes tremendous upper body strength to hold the leg at the right angle, while handling tools and nails with the ease of a magician.  A dozen designs and prototypes later, the Blacksmith Buddy was born. Faster than horses out of the gate, the Blacksmith Budd was embraced by veterinary schools and top breeders around the country. Now that Blacksmith Budd is a success, one can only imagine the next big idea that Wes has up his sleeve."


11 Francis Street, Leominster, MA 01453
Phone: 978-534-6220 or 800-922-7853
Fax: 978-534-915


AAPF/IAPF Members:  Joe & Lindsey Serafini
"Castle Plastics manufactures a complete line of hoof pads. Along with our Castle pads, we continue to carry our Hoof Prints Impak pads. We also manufacture a Magnetic, Performance, Cushion Frog, Egg Bar and many different styles of Sno Pads. We also offer a Pour Pad, Large Draft and 2 Degree Large Draft pad. Still available is our Hoof Boot in five sizes."


via Boscaccio 40, Cassano Magnago, Italy 21012
Phone: +39 (0) 331-201 000
AAPF Members:  Emanuele & Luisa Colleoni

"Our company, founded in 1977 by Osvaldo Colleoni who started activity 'with the construction of molds for plastics and rubber, inside boasts a large high-tech machine tools as well as a modern design studio.  Subsequently, given the passion for equestrian disciplines, we realized the enormous benefits that could offer an iron alloy with respect to iron and steel is so 'started production of horseshoes following a precise processing method.

We studied a special aluminum alloy which allows a remarkable resistance of iron to '
wear, does not undergo thermal variations and
retains its valuable prerogative. The road we have traveled to get to produce the iron today we are proud to offer was very hard, but it's appreciation on market and the results repay us for all the efforts made.
Now join the company is the whole family: Osvaldo, Luisa, Emanuele and Federica.

After many years of experience in the mechanics of placing machinery to 'cutting edge and having within the company qualified employees, we started the production of material for the farriery and we have equipped a part of the company for the preparation of vans.

156 Newlin Road, Parkesburg, PA 19367
Phone: (610) 476-6900
AAPF/IAPF Member: Daisy Bicking DEP APF CFGP CLS
"Daisy Bicking, DEP, APF-I, CFGP, CLS founded Daisy Haven Farm, Inc in 2004, focusing on rehabilitation of the equine foot. Daisy maintains a busy farrier practice, teaches hoof workshops and offers certification through her School of Integrative Hoofcare. Daisy has won awards for her work with laminitis and spoken at Cornell University, the International Hoof Care Summit, The Laminitis Conference and the International Lameness Prevention Conference. Daisy maintains a database of over 200,000 digital photographs and corresponding radiographs of the equine foot- capturing objective, measurable data over time."

7015 College Blvd., Suite 525, Overland, Park, KS 66211
Phone: (888) 337-0929
Fax: (913) 327-0016
AAPF/IAPF Member: Shelly Derks

"Dechra is committed to helping you care for animals. We do this by providing you with quality products and the very highest level of support. This is why DECHRA is one of the fastest growing global brands in the veterinary market. Dechra has a long history in the veterinary health market dating back to 1819, when the company was established as Arnolds & Son, originally manufacturing prosthetic limbs. The company first turned its attention to veterinary medicine during the Crimean War. More recent changes, including a number of highly successful acquisitions, have helped shape the current business. However, our heritage has undoubtedly contributed to Dechra being the successful business that it is now is."

5195 Scandia Trail, Forest Lake, MN 55025
Phone: 866-668-7642
Fax: 866-707-4642
AAPF/IAPF Members:  Marguerite Paige & Remco van der Linden CF

"Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center provides North America’s Leading Hoofcare Brands of St. Croix Forge, Capewell, Mustad, Delta and Heller, along with a broad array of the right products needed for the equine hoofcare retailer to be successful.  Our wide product portfolio spans all the major categories of Steel, Aluminum and specialty horseshoes, nails, tools, rasps, anvils, aprons, pads, studs & traction, Hoofcare treatments and supplements, Hoof boots and equine care products for the hoof."

361 Haven Hill Road (PO Box 1328), Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: (502) 633-9889
Fax:  (502) 633-4168
AAPF Member: Ed Szymanski

"Founded in 1908 as the Diamond Calk Company by blacksmith Otto Swanstrom, today Diamond Farrier is owned and managed by the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company. From a modest beginning in Duluth, Minnesota, manufacturing only horseshoes by hand, Otto could not have imagined how this iconic brand would grow into the one-stop brand for farriers it is today; offering horseshoes, farrier tools and horseshoe nails. As the world's largest independent horseshoe manufacturer, the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is a market leader in the farrier industry. As a family owned company since 1906, Kerckhaert shares Diamond's heritage and experience and brings added passion and innovation for quality and design of product."

707 Starr Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703
Phone: 262-748-2448
AAPF Member: Lowell Johnson APF CF

"Our creative designers are skilled in all aspects of website development and programming. We use the latest authoring tools available to developers and we pay close attention to Internet standards, security, and best practices of website development.
  • attractive and innovative designs
  • great visual presence
  • comprehensive programming
  • clear navigation
  • intelligent business structure
Our managed creative teams can handle all creative aspects, from graphic design ideas to database driven interactive pages and e-commerce solutions. We provide for our clients an end-to-end, turn-key website development and design solution."
Equine Department, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 260, CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 635 84 01
Fax: +41 44 313 03 84
AAPF/IAPF Member: Michael Weishaupt PhD
" is a state-of-the-art, interactive web platform dedicated to the horse and the hoof. Vets, farriers or anyone else with an interest in the horse will find knowledge and information contributed by specialists in their fields, divided into discrete topics and many small chapters. Its modular, user-friendly structure allows users to customize their content according to their specific requirements: is suitable for use as a teaching aid for individuals at the outset of their training as well as being a source of information for established equine professionals wishing to develop their knowledge."


2300 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop, Tucson, AZ 85755
Phone:  800-447-8836
Fax:  520-297-9600
AAPF Members:  Garrett Ford APF

"Here at EasyCare, it's all about the horse and their human partners. Our business is manufacturing and distributing proven equine products that will enhance performance, provide protection, increase comfort for the horse and rider, and enrich the overall human-horse experience. Throughout five thousand years of domestication, the horse has had a more significant impact on human history than any other animal. Our goal is to help make the future of the horse/rider relationship as fulfilling and exciting as the past.  What began in 1970 with the invention of the first Easyboot by Dr. Neel Glass to help a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease, has since evolved into an entire line of hoof boots that provide an excellent alternative to iron shoes. This is due in part to the dedication, desire and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people. We're a company that cares deeply about horses and we will continue to develop products that provide comfort, support and performance for our equine partners. We are more committed than ever to continue to create innovative hoof boot designs with features and options that will allow horse owners to provide a natural hoofcare solution for their horses."



6720 Linne Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone: 805-239-3505
Fax:  910-246-0687
AAPF/IAPF Members:  Monique Craig APF, John Craig, & Joe Police

"Integrated technology devoted to the horse considers the interplay of equine body, mind, and spirit. EponaMind offers knowledge and products that enable the horse to educate the team, offering a higher level of awareness.  Evidence based technology filters out the uncertainty that surrounds performance and longevity options, giving the horse its own voice.  Cutting edge technological products that are user friendly and accessible, and help synergize the support team."


575 SE Broad Street, Suite 11, Southern Pines, NC 28387
Phone: 910-246-1597
Fax:  910-246-0687
AAPF Member:  Dave Richards APF

"Equicast Hoof Wear - Protection System: Hoof wear protection system promoting soundness for all types of horses."


506 State Hwy 115, Penrose, CO 81240
Phone:  719-372-7463
Fax:  719-372-7272
AAPF Member:  Gene D. Ovnicek APF

"Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is a developer and distributor of high quality, innovative hoof care products.  Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is a family business that opened in 1995 in Columbia Falls, Montana. After studies on wild horses (feral horses) hoof patterns in 1986 and 1987, Gene Ovnicek developed the World Race Plate, which is now manufactured and distributed by Thoro'Bred Racing Plate Company. After several years of continued research and development, Gene designed a system for treating lower limb equine pathologies. The resulting Equine Digit Support System and comprehensive instruction material proved to be one of the most effective tools for treating a multitude of lameness conditions and often times returning horses to a pre-disease condition. In an effort to make sure that proper instruction and support was offered for the EDSS, the Ovnicek family started Equine Digit Support System, Inc. Since that time, EDSS, Inc. has continued to offer innovative products and information to help restore and maintain soundness in the domestic equine."

77 Waywayup Lane, Port Jervis, NY 12771
Phone:  845-386-3388
AAPF Member:  Walter Varcoe APF

"We offer the finest free standing, hands-on equine skeletal mounts available in the world. Our poses mimic the natural positions of the horse and allow real life comparisons for anatomical study. These mounts are durable, yet flexible, allowing for a very personal experience to the viewer. Our displays have traveled extensively and been touched by thousands of thrilled equine enthusiasts without breakage. If you want the very best in a real bone equine skeleton you have found your source. We offer custom poses that no one else would consider while concealing the unsightly framework seen on so many lower quality mounts.  Our mounts are being used all over the world in the field and in the classroom. From small foot and leg mounts to entire draft horse skeletons we can custom design a mount for your specific needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your projects!"

PO Box 570, New Plymouth, ID 83655
Phone:   208-278-5283
Fax:  208-278-3271
AAPF Members:  Dawn & Kevin Keeler APF CJF

"Equine Innovations Inc., was founded in 2000 by president/owner Kevin Keeler as a means to promote his invention the Hoofjack®. Developed out of a desire to make his career as a professional farrier easier and safer, Kevin invented a unique hoof support system which he named Hoofjack®.  Equine Innovations Inc. is committed to producing a quality product that is made in the USA. Quality customer service is provided by a knowledgeable staff, all of which use the Hoofjack®. We invite you to join us in our quest for making both the horse and human more comfortable and safe with hoofcare."


7580 Acacia Lane, Vacaville, CA 95688
Phone:  707-449-3570
Fax:  707-452-8394
AAPF Member:  Kirk Adkins CJF APF

"We are a family owned and operated business and all of our products are proudly made in the USA."


4060 Troy Pike, Versailles, KY 40383
Phone: 859-873-1220
Fax:  859-873-4835
AAPF Members:  Dr. Bill & Janice Vandergrift

"EquiVision, Inc. has been providing information, equine supplements, products and services to the best horses around the world since 1992.  We are here to help you help your horse reach the peak of his/her potential.  From trail horses to Grand Prix Level Dressage to the Kentucky Derby, to broodmares and everything in between.  We strive to put your horse's interest first and foremost.  We sell products that work, if a specific product is not what your horse needs, we won't sell it to you!"


4364 Gibsonia Rd, Gobsonia, PA 15044
Phone: 724-443-5599
Fax: 724-443-5597
AAPF/IAPF Members: HB Sidhu & Nick Wisser

"Exim is short for Eximius, meaning excellent in Latin. Exim Rasps are made in Pittsburgh, USA, renowned for its steel and steel products manufacturing history. Exim Rasps are made to exacting standards using purpose-built, state of the art machines and processes. We deliver consistent and superior products to enable our customers to deliver the same to their clients. There is fanatic attention to detail and quality that starts with incoming raw material and is maintained through to shipment from our facility. Each rasp is crafted with precision for performance and durability, every time. Our commitment to quality is evident by our satisfaction guarantee."

361 Haven Hill Road, PO Box 1328, Shelbyville, KY 40066
Phone: 502-633-5767


"Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD) is one of the farrier industry's leading sponsors of educational programs and associations that are providing positive direction in the industry. Our products are distributed throughout North America via an excellent network of dealers that support the professional farrier and the associations they belong to. Visit our website to get more information on our programs, products and dealer locations."

124 Black Brook Road, Pound Ridge, NY 10576
Phone: 914-629-2953
AAPF Member: Paul Heller APF

"I originally developed this product to sell to other farriers. Like most farriers, I have always encountered the basic problems found in many horses – sore feet, thrush, feet that are either too soft or too hard and brittle, founder (laminitis), quarter cracks and white line disease. I started looking for a topical treatment and experimented with various ingredients; until I came up with what I now call Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil. Farriers’ Fix has ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and those who compete can be assured that it has tested negative under FEI guidelines. Farriers’ Fix "works like Magic” in the words of my clients. Horses that were suffering from stone bruises or were trimmed too short, in many cases, were rideable the next day – the ultimate proof of a product that works."


959 Highland Way, Grover Beach, CA 93433
Phone: (877) 433-6743
AAPF Members: Bob & Josh Garner

"In 1946, George Earnest setup a small shop in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to fill requests for custom-made horseshoeing tools. One farrier told another about nippers that cut better and lasted longer than any others, and the enterprise grew.

The business has changed ownership and location several times since, but the tools that are named for George Earnest still make the shoer’s work easier and hold up better under hard use than all the rest. Our pledge to our customers is to continue this tradition of excellence, combining the craftmanship of skilled hands with modern methods and machinery, to produce superior tools.

Since 1973, the Garner family has owned and operated G.E. Forge & Tool™. During this time, they have developed and produced many industry leading products. This tradition is continuing into its third generation with no end in sight. Our high quality staff aim to give you the customer service and quality product you deserve."


815 Flood Road, Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: (502) 321-6619

AAPF Members: Torri & Pat Broadus CF APF-I

Hanton Horseshoes represents a revolutionary new way to apply horseshoes.  Our special tabbed design allows for the application of shoes without any glue on the bottom of the foot or locking in the horse’s heels.  In addition, the quick and easy application process using our unique “blister” system allows the glue to set with the horse standing in a weight-bearing position for a natural, correct fit, all while providing a safer way to shoe for both the horse and farrier.  They are available in aluminum and steel styles and the steel may be hot-fit and reset for added value.  Visit our website for a retailer near you or to order directly."


85642 Svarverud Road, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone:  541-607-0277
AAPF Member:  Mike Waldorf APF CF

"Thrush Crush is a 100% Natural topical treatment which safely and effectively fights thrush, seedy toe, white line disease and other forms of hoof rot. The effectiveness of Thrush Crush is due to the active ingredient, Propolis, a substance created by honeybees that is well documented for its wide spectrum of healing applications. Our product has been tested on horses for over a decade with truly impressive results.  Thrush Crush has strong anti-microbial properties, effective in fighting various forms of bacterial and fungal infestations. When combined with routine hoof cleaning, topically applying Thrush Crush directly on affected areas is ideal for promoting healthy hoof conditions."


39751 County Road 12, Dakota, MN 55925
Phone:  507-450-4168
AAPF Member:  Chuck Potter APF

"The Hoof Cinch, A Cinch To Fix Founder. The only device that can actually reallign the bone and hoofwall.  reallign the bone and hoofwall.  Laminitis and founder are a great source of pain for the horse and his/her owner. The horse suffers physically while the owner suffers emotionally and financially. The Hoof Cinch is here to change all of this. The Hoof Cinch is an affordable, safe and painless way to fix founder.  The hoof cinch applies pressure to the affected area, relieving pain and forcing the hoof wall to grow back closer to the bone, allowing the laminae to reattach.  Screws secure the Hoof Cinch to the hoof wall and no shoes are required making this a pain free installation for the horse.  Laminitis can be caused by many variables, thyroid problems, too much grain, fresh green grass in the spring, and the list can go on forever. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the cause for the laminitis. It is always good to have a good farrier and vet that work well together. While the cause for the laminitis/ founder is being sought the Hoof Cinch can relieve the pain and start the corrective process.  The Hoof Cinch also causes the hoof to grow at a faster rate due to the continuous pressure applied to the hoof wall that stimulates the coronary band.  10-12 weeks is the normal application time."

361 Haven Hill Road, PO Box 1328, Shelbyville, KY 40066
Phone: 502-633-5767


"Hot Iron Productions (HIP Inc.) was founded in the mid-90’s to produce high quality video footage for the farrier market. Roy Bloom APF CJF and Dave Farley APF CF were ahead of the curve in the industry, conducting clinics throughout the US and Canada, using video to help attendees get all the details that were a part of their presentations. Bloom and Farley have each been shoeing horses for over 30 years and are recognized among their peers as leading educators and craftsmen in the trade."

PO Box 221, West Boxford, MA 01885
Phone: 978-352-5238 (same for fax)
AAPF Member: Allie Hayes CF APF

"Manufacturer of freeze-dried and skeletal anatomy models, anatomy charts and lecture slides."


Via Maniago, 101, Maniago, 33085 Italy
Phone:  39 (0) 4277 1106
AAPF Member:  Galdino Bortolussi

"Manufacturers of precision farrier tools."


1721 Lovall Valley Road, Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: (707) 343-1079 or (800) 786-6633
AAPF Member: Julie Garella

"IceHorse® cold therapy inserts were developed using a state of the art technology called First Ice®. The inserts that go into IceHorse® wraps are made from a patented formula. When the packs are frozen the formula turns into soft fluffy snow. Once the liquid inside the inserts has gone through a transformation (think water turning into snow), it takes a very long time for it to melt. Because the frozen inserts remain soft, they conform easily to the horse’s legs. And there is no watery mess to clean up."


2380 70th Avenue NE, Naples, FL 34120
Phone:  410-937-4458
AAPF Member:  K.C. LaPierre PhD APF RJF CF

"Here at the Institute we strive to help you achieve your goals, whether as a professional or as a private care provider. That’s why we have created such a wide array of educational options for you, ranging from teleconferences and On-Line interactive modules, to advanced Applied Equine Podiatry courses. With our programs you can learn to care for your own horse or choose to start a new career by entering into the evolving field of Applied Equine Podiatry."


33 Abeto, Irvine, CA 92620 (231 N. Puente Street, Brea, CA 92821)
Phone: (949) 419-7872
AAPF/IAPF Member: Jason Yang

PO Box 349, Cherokee, AL 35616
Phone:  256-370-7555
Fax:  256-370-7509
AAPF Members:  Mike Barker, Dr. Frank & Linda Gravlee, Dr. Scott Gravlee & Daryl Spencer

"Life Data Labs is a company founded on solving problems, not theoretical problems, but real-world problems. The research we conduct is driven entirely by the practicality of producing a product or service that will benefit the equine industry. Unlike many companies who perform research to substantiate products they have produced, Life Data Labs develops products as a result of our research. To conduct privately-funded research, it is absolutely critical that the research is usable to continually support the ongoing efforts. Since 1973, Life Data Labs (as the name implies) has funded and conducted equine research that has benefited the entire industry; a testament of our success and dedication."

PO Box 2009, Glen Allen, VA 23058
Phone: 800-842-5024 or 913-402-5810
Fax:  913-897-1444
AAPF Members:  Kelly Singleton, Lance Allen DVM, Chris Heavrin, Linda Lee

"Markel has specially designed an affordable Farrier's Insurance Program just for you!  Rated "A Excellent" by A.M. Best, Markel has provided insurance coverages for horses and horse related risks for over 50 years.  Coverages include Farrier Liability, Care Custody & Control, Equipment and Supplies Floater and Commercial Auto (for farrier rigs). AAPF members are eligble for a 10% association credit on their liabilty policy.  If you are an AAPF accredited farrier (AF or APF designations) you may receive an additional discount.  Call for details."


26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080
Phone: (405) 288-6958
Fax: (405) 288-1004

AAPF Member: Jack Roth DVM APF CME


6133 Hunt Road, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
Toll Free Phone:  (800) 446-6498
Phone:  (336) 674-5654
AAPF Members:  Rene' Aldridge & Denise Jones
"Thank you for using NC Tool Company, Inc. as your shoeing supplier. It is you, our Farrier friends, that have helped us to become a leader in the horseshoeing supply and prompt mail order business.  We stock close to 2,000 different items in our store for your shoeing needs. However, if there is an item you need that we do not carry, please let us know and we will do our best to locate it for you at a reasonable cost."

PO Box 5614, Minneapolis, MN 55440
Phone: (800) 367-4894
AAPF/IAPF Members:  Don Bibeau & Allison Wilshire

“Whether on the trail or in the ring, horses require optimum nutrition to develop properly, stay healthy and achieve optimal performance.  Nutrena's approach focuses on delivering precsise nutrients in every ration. That's why every Nutrena product is formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients your horse needs every day. Their more than 80 years of innovate research into the nutrional needs of horses are enhanced by relationships with some of America's leading universities.  These research partnerships give us the specialized expertise to develop products that are uniquely suited for all types of horses at every stage of life."


PO Box 11586, College Station, TX 77842
Phone:  866-285-9931
AAPF/IAPF Member:  Michael Crites

"At Pathfinder Farrier Products Co.®, we bring the same level of craftsmanship to the manufacturing of our products that our customers do to horseshoeing. We specialize in the highest quality goods for the most demanding applications.
Our SureStep® composite rod is hand-sorted, hand-weighed and hand-made. We also craft and test our complimentary products like flux, filler rod and tube metal to the same standards, ensuring they work perfectly with our rod goods.
When your customers and their horses demand superior traction, it’s time for a new path."


PO Box 212616, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421
Phone:  561-707-2220
AAPF Members:  Diane & Curtis Burns APF-I

"All synthetic horseshoes are NOT created equal.   The only direct glue on horseshoe which enhances the natural shock absorbing mechanism of the hoof.  Introducing a Clear Difference from the traditional glue on horseshoe.  The Burns Polyflex Shoe is molded from hybrid polyurethane, resulting in a degree of hardness closely resembling the natural composition of the horse’s hoof.  With its encapsulated wire it retains a shape when custom formed by hand, enabling the shoe to be customed fitted to the individual horse. It also has a steel insert (wear plate) which compares to the toe grab height of a Queens XLT racing plate.  This polyurethane technology produces a flexible, tough, shock and moisture resistant protective barrier for the Equine hoof wall to ground surface interface."

6002 Cunningham Road, Houston, TX 77041
Phone: 832-467-3840
AAPF/IAPF Member: Marcie Voglino

"Pyranha, Inc. was chartered December 4, 1972, for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing a full line of fly control products. Pyranha pioneered the development of an automatic insect control system which dispenses specially formulated insecticides providing the horse industry with a reliable, effective and economical method of insect control in and around animal quarters and barns. For over 40 years Pyranha, Inc has been innovating and providing pest control solutions for the residential and livestock industry. Pyranha not only offers ready-to-use and concentrated insecticide products as well as their misting systems, but they also offer a line of odor-management products ideal for homes, kennels, livestock areas and more."


202 W. McCart, Suite 160, Krum, Texas 76249
Phone: (855) 955-RAZER
Fax: (940) 365-9672
AAPF Members: Deb Fairman, Conny Svensson CF APF-I  Wayne Whitson APF & Gene Cunningham

“Razerhorse is a hoof care company that has combined science and technology to enhance the well-being of the horse. We have created a line of flexible steel horse shoes and polyurethane hoof pads that mimic the natural function of the hoof while still offering protection.  The Razer shoe is made from a tempered tool steel that is as light as aluminum, but as strong as a traditional steel shoe. The innovative design allows it to flex with the horse's hoof allowing for the natural movement of the horse while shod.  In addition to the Razer flexible steel horseshoe, we offer the Propad, a polyurethane hoof pad."


360 West Church Street, Xenia, OH 45385
Phone:  937-376-8268
Fax:  937-376-8052
AAPF Member:  Russ Whyde

Save Edge means sharp and reliable, with lasting performance. This is the opinion of file users throughout the world. Since 1976 we have been giving  files the “edge” that professional craftsmen demand. Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service available."


PO Box 186, Ruckersville, VA 22968
Phone:  434-409-8100 
AAPF/IAPF Member:  Scott Collier CJF APF


12011 West Lake Road, Vermilion, OH 44089
Phone:  855-763-8743
AAPF Member:  Monty Ruetenik

Soft-Ride Deep-Gel Equine Comfort boots is the latest innovation by Soft Ride co-owners whom have a long standing commitment to the health and welfare of horses.  Over thirty years ago, these co-founders of Soft-Ride developed a pour-and-place urethane flooring system for equine facilities.  The equine friendly surfaces have been installed for safety and comfort in many of the great farms across the country.  The idea for Soft-Ride boots was born from a need to have mobile support for horses during the stress of trailering and travel.  The Soft-Ride system has since developed into a multifaceted company that not only addresses the comfort of horses on the road and in their stalls, but has also branched into the veterinary and farriery field to help comfort laminitic horses.  Different orthopedic inserts have been created to provide comfort and support when transporting and stabling as well as in the treatment and prevention of injuries for all types of equine.”


4250 N. Sylvania Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: (817) 632-9322
Fax: (817) 523-7506
AAPF Members:  Blair Mask & Jim Gibby

"The 9th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world, Vétoquinol is first and foremost an independent, family-owned business. Deeply committed to its values, it has always enjoyed a close relationship with its vet clients.  Vétoquinol’s growth and development strategy focuses on innovation and finding the right balance between two major markets: companion animals and livestock, bred for human food.  Historically based in France, Vétoquinol currently develops, produces and distributes a wide range of more than 700 medical and non-medical products in Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific. With a presence in 25 countries through its subsidiaries, its strong network of 140 distributor partners provides visibility for its products in more than 100 countries.  Manufacturers of Zylkene - helps keep horses calm without drowsiness; no sedative or tranquilizing effects.  Sold through licensed veterinarians."


1889 West Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA 91766
Phone:  800-833-8267
AAPF Members: Jessica Williams

"Vettec has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of hoof care products worldwide for over 15 years. Vettec’s extensive line of hoof related materials allow your hoof care professional to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes with Adhere, as well as create instant shoes and foal extensions with Super Fast. Vettec’s instant pad materials (Equi-Build, Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak|CS, Equi-Pak|Soft, Sil-Pak and Sole-Guard) promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot, and prevent stone bruising.  Our 84,000 square-foot building is where it all happens, from the executive offices to customer service, equipment service, material production, and shipping. We're located about an hour north of Los Angeles, California, a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean, in the coastal city of Oxnard. Vettec also has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe."

727 Commerce Drive, Venice, FL 34292
Phone:  941-485-4400
Fax:  941-485-6677

AAPF/IAPF Member:  Anne-Marie Chalmers M.D.

"Since kicking off Wellpride in 2003, it’s been quite a ride. For over a decade, we’ve felt privileged to see Wellpride horses succeed at Devon, Rolex, Breeder's Cup, Kentucky Derby, and the eventing rounds of the Pan American games. We’ve also had the great satisfaction of helping rescue horses and older horses get that extra TLC for their hooves, digestive health, and joints. Regardless of whether you are a competitive horseperson or pleasure rider, we are excited to be a part of your horse’s path to improved wellbeing.  Wellpride was founded by two omega-3 experts, Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, with the support of a veterinarian and researcher consulting team. For over a decade, we have devoted ourselves to producing the best quality fish oil for horses, focusing on the dose and freshness level needed to achieve results. For our Wellpride formulation, we use a natural fish oil made from sardines, herring and small mackerel, purified to ensure it is rid of mercury and pesticides. With our easy-squeeze bottle, you can serve your horse the one to two ounces necessary for making a difference. And our human-grade oil is so fresh and palatable, you can even drink it yourself."


Postbus 6002, Groningen, 9702HA, Netherlands
Helpermolenstraat 43, Groningen, 9721BT, Netherlands
Phone:  31 (0) 50 521 2393
Web:   or
AAPF Members:  Reian and Christel Werkman

"Werkman Horseshoes.  Skilled focus on improving farriery.  Farriers are experts in the field of horseshoeing. They know, better than anyone, the connection between good horseshoes and the horse’s performance. Therefore, they require top-quality horseshoes tailored to the anatomy of the hoof; fully functional with the proper finish.

Werkman horseshoes meet the contemporary high expectations of farriers. Our product line consists of quality products finished in detail, which you, the farrier, will elevate the vitality of the hoof to a higher level in order to enhance the performance of the horse."

302 Benton Drive, East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Phone:  413-526-9999  
Fax:  413-526-9869
AAPF Members:  Amy Cairy & Chris Jacobi

"Delivering innovation for more than a century.

Ever since Wilbur and Mary Ida Young created the first Absorbine® horse liniment back in 1892, innovation has been at the heart of everything we do. That inventive spirit, as well as an intense focus on meeting the needs of our customers, has allowed W.F. Young, Inc. to grow into a global leader in animal and human health and wellness products.  After 120 years, we’re still a family owned, American company with a passion for providing high-quality over-the-counter medications as well as a full portfolio of horse and pet care products. Every day that passion drives us to develop further advances in the way our products are formulated and delivered—while always maintaining the highest levels of integrity. This is all part of fulfilling our mission of helping improve the lives of people and the animals they love."