IAPF Dressage Credential

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In 2016, the IAPF introduced a new level of Continuing Education which we refer to as Credentialing.  Over 300 of our members have completed the first step Foundation Credentialing.  We have now unveiled the second step Discipline or Specialty Credentialing.  We have identified Dressage as our next discipline credential.  Through this Journey you'll continue to demonstrate to horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, and others in the horse industry your personal commitment to your profession!  Each level of the Discipline Credential requires the successful completion of the Foundation Credential.

As additional discipline credentials are introduced, farriers and veterinarians will have the choice to add (or stack) the next discipline credential or just focus on one specific Discipline or Specialty Credential.

Let's Begin ....


There are 3 levels or opportunities to become engaged with the Dressage Credential:

LEVEL ONE is the "complete package".  CLICK HERE to learn more.

LEVEL TWO is the package which the IAPF Board of Directors has recommended for farriers and veterinarians to begin the journey.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

LEVEL THREE is the basic package which is designed for someone who wants to obtain the study guide / reference manual, but is not interested in pursuing the complete package. CLICK HERE to learn more.

The following IAPF members have successfully completed both the
"KNOWLEDGE" and "PRACTICAL" portions of IAPF Dressage Credential:

Please CLICK HERE for a list of IAPF members have successfully completed the
"KNOWLEDGE" portion of IAPF Dressage Credential and are now
eligible to complete the "PRACTICAL" portion.