IAPF Australia 2020 Board of Directors

Simon Burtenshaw APF-I
Kurrajong, New South Wales, Australia
Phone:   +61 416 264 716
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I am Simon Burtenshaw and run a business in the Hawkesbury NSW area at the base of the Blue Mountains.  I have a 1st year apprentice.  I shoe performance horses, Clydesdales, ponies and a large thoroughbred stud.

I have just started teaching at TAFE NSW.  I look forward to whats to come with the IAPF Australia.  Cheers.

Richard Caig APF-I
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Phone:  +61 417 458 152
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I am fairly new to the IAPF, however I am very excited for the times ahead. I think it is great to see such diversity within the board. I have no doubt that there are a lot of great things to come.

I run Allied Farriers with my partner Katelin. I have been shoeing for about 10 years. I recently attended Oklahoma Horseshoeing School to further my knowledge. I live in Daylesford, Victoria. I specialize in shoeing draft horses, the bigger the better. I am looking really forward to the opportunity to help create a welcoming and collaborative farrier community in Australia.

Daniel Morgan APF-I
Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Phone:  +61 488 755 588
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I am based in North Queensland (Mackay).  I shoe a wide variety of horses here racehorses, show jumpers, hacks, cow horses, etc.  I recently completed by APF-I credential and am also working towards a Certificate IV in farrier Australia Qual.

I have been shoeing on and off for around 15 years.  I had a break to go coal mining but back now for 3 years full time again.  Looking forward to closing the gap in education in Queensland and North Queensland as it is very difficult to further education without traveling hundreds of kilometres from home.  Look forward to being part of a great team of like-minded people.  Cheers!

Katy O'Rourke AF-I
Hope Valley, South Australia, Australia
Phone:  +61 412 504 485
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Im Katy and Im from South Australia.  Ive been shoeing for nearly four years.  Mostly pleasure horses with a few jumpers and eventers.  IAPF Australia has opened up so many doors to education.  Im hoping to bring more South Aussie farriers on board along with horse owners.

Katelin Smith APF-I
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Phone:  +61 438 708 805
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Im Katelin.  I run Allied Farriers with Richard.  Ive been in the industry for 5 years.  I originally got my food in the door as a barefoot trimmer and then went to Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in California to learn to shoe.

I tend to do a lot of founder ponies, pleasure horses, and otts.  And the timid, nervy horses.  Im excited to be a part of the IAPF and watching the farrier industry grow and change in Australia.