Horse Owners

A Resource for Horse Owners Concerned about Proper Hoofcare

  • While the AAPF is a trade association for farriers and veterinarians and their suppliers, we also see the value in having horse owners participate in the association.
  • Through Hoofcare Essentials™ the AAPF plans to provide horse owners with knowledge on why they should seek out farriers who have earned AAPF Accreditation and are also maintaining that Accreditation by annually attending Continuing Education events and earning AAPF Continuing Education Credits. Additionally, this section of our website will be a resource for articles and videos for horse owners concerned about the health of their horses' hooves.
  • Horse owners have called us to find out how they can help in getting their farrier as a member of the AAPF. The "AAPF Farrier Dues Fund" allows horse owners to make a financial donation to pay all or a portion of their dues. The "AAPF Injured Farriers Fund" is another such opportunity.
  • Additions to this section will be made on a regular basis. Please check back often.
  • We encourage horse owners to contact us with any questions that are not answered on this website. Call (859) 533-1465 or email