Hoofcare Essentials Tips


These tips have been used over and over by farriers, horse owners, trainers and grooms. We encourage you to review the list to find ideas which you can implement in your barn or stable.  (Please click on links to view articles or videos)


  • "Feeding While Your Farrier is Shoeing or Trimming Your Horse"

    Understanding that most horse owners want to make their farriers happy, it’s just that, well, sometimes we could tweak our routine a little and make the farrier MUCH happier.   As an example ….
    We always want our horses to stand well for the farrier, but when we give them treats or feed them while the farrier is working …
    Feeding hay while the farrier is working is not the best!
    Some points to consider:
    • Standing quietly for the farrier is a learned behavior
    • It is a behavior that should be taught from the get go, starting at about 30 days of age
    • It is a behavior that requires the horse to focus and not be distracted by treats in your pocket or feeding them hay, so they drool down the back of the farrier’s neck
We hope that you will use this tip to keep your farrier happy as we enter into the summer riding season.