The Farrier

  • The number one objective of the AAPF/IAPF is to support and recognize farriers as experienced and educated professionals.
  • Toward that end, the AAPF/IAPF will establish a respected Accreditation platform that publicly illustrates dedication and commitment to the profession as well to specialty areas.
  • The association will also be the support site for continuing education; member benefits; relationships with fellow farriers, veterinarians, suppliers and horse owners; and business management opportunities.
  • The AAPF/IAPF will enhance the position of the farrier as a professional and provide the education and support tools for continued and improved success. 

The Horse

  • The AAPF/IAPF is confident it will improve the foundation and knowledge for both beginning and experienced farriers by encouraging and promoting continuing education.
  • Additionally, the association will provide a support system of information, experience, and contacts.
  • These opportunities will ultimately improve the care and service provided to all horses. 

The Owner

  • Owners will now have a reference that will identify dedicated and educated farriers.
  • They will be able to choose a farrier based on Accreditation while clearly understanding the education and experience of the farrier.
  • Owners can be assured that to obtain and maintain these titles, their farrier is up to date on research, techniques, and products.
  • Owners can feel confident knowing that their farrier is part of an association of available professionals if advice or experience is needed. 

The Industry

  • The AAPF/IAPF recognizes and appreciates the dedication and commitment of the equine industry.
  • It is the goal of the AAPF/IAPF to be a productive source of information and experience for the entire equine industry.
  • The AAPF/IAPF plans to support the equine industry by providing other associations with assistance wherever and whenever possible.
  • The AAPF/IAPF looks forward to building well-balanced, steadfast relationships with equine associations representing all breeds and disciplines. We believe that these bridges of opportunity will provide and support the foundation needed for healthy professional relationships.
  • Committed to, and promoting a Team Work approach, the AAPF/IAPF will pave a welcome road to the association and equine practitioner partnerships.