Foundation Board of Directors

When the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) was created, we determined that the best form of government for the association to be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service would be as a 501(c)6 "trade" association.  Using this classification, it would allow all payments made to the association to be 100% deductible by the farrier and supports as "costs of doing business" on their state and federal tax returns.  Subsequently, when the Canadian Association of Professional Farriers (CAPF), the International Association of Professional Farriers (IAPF), and the International Association of Professional Farriers - Australia (IAPF - Australia) were launched, they too were recognized as "trade" associations.

After five years of operation, it was determined that we should look at creating a 501(c)3 "charitable" organization.  In 2019, the Internal Revenue Service approved our application for such an entity - Hoofcare Essentials Foundation Inc.  The IAPF Board of Directors made the decision to transfer the educational initiatives (including our Educational Partners, Hoofcare Essentials clinics, and scholarships) to the foundation.  In 2020, we plan to concentrate more on how this foundation can benefit long-term educational initiatives for the farrier industry.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Hoofcare Essentials Foundation and is charged with establishing direction, setting policy, and providing leadership to the Foundation. The 2021 Board of Directors includes:


Mike Bagley JIICF APF-I
Canton, Ohio
Phone: (330) 936-3298
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Logan Lovett CJF APF-I
Galt, California
Phone: (530) 276-3797
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Roy Bloom CJF APF-I
Drummond, Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 413-1879
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Bryan Quinsey
West Palm Beach, Florida
Phone: (859) 533-1465
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Daisy Bicking APF-I
Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: (905) 751-4625
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Tim Cable APF-I
Wellington, Florida
Phone: (716) 713-3001
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Dave Farley CF APF-I
Coshocton, Ohio & Wellington, FL
Phone: (716) 713-3001
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David Hankin DipWCF APF
Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 555 213
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Jennifer Poulin APF-I
Belvidere Center, Vermont
Phone: (802) 318-5186
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Tom Willoughby CF APF
Crown Point, Indiana
Phone: (219) 306-3306
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Adam Wynbrandt APF-I
Sacramento, California
Phone: (916) 806-3318
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