Farrier Accreditation


Welcome to the American, International, and Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers AccreditationSM Program - a foundation of the AAPF/IAPF/CAPF. This program recognizes and awards farriers with an accreditation platform that illustrates education, experience, specific interests and dedication. From student level to the seasoned farrier, accreditations are earned through education and experience.

These earned accreditations are then maintained through a commitment to continuing education.
By committing to a minimum of 24 AAPF Continuing Education Credits per year, accredited farriers at all levels will maintain their accreditation and illustrate their deserved recognition within the industry. The AAPF/IAPF/CAPF is proud to recognize farriers who have and will continue to dedicate and educate themselves to the farriery profession.

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Education Committee Chairman: Mike Hayward APF-I
Purpose of AAPF/IAPF/CAPF Farrier AccreditationSM:
Levels of Farrier AccreditationSM: