One way the AAPF intends to promote it's farriers is through it's website. Horse Owners are encouraged to visit the site to use the "Search for Farriers" feature. They'll be able to key in any word or group of words to search for farriers in a geographical area, specific discipline or with a level of Accreditation or other association's Certification. There is also an entire tab devoted specifically to horse owners, including their own Forum where they can share their ideas about farriery.

In addition, the AAPF vision includes promoting its members through various breed associations, disciplines and other equine activities. AAPF committees are forming to create alliances that will be utilized to enhance communication with these organizations that feed information to the horse owners about our farrier services.

Promotion through veterinary resources will also allow our members to enhance farrier and veterinarian relationships, while encouraging other equine professionals to recognize the professionalism of AAPF farriers.