FAQ - Farrier Licensing


The AAPF Board of Directors wishes to confirm its position on the topic of farrier licensing. Never since its inception in February 2011, has the AAPF taken a position of being in favor or showing support for farrier licensing.

Further, we have chosen Accreditation as our choice to highlight dedicated farriers and provide the platform for Continuing Education. It is the AAPF's opinion that licensing is intended to control, whereas Accreditation promotes and illustrates accomplishments and dedication. Since farriery is a balance of art and science, and it is a proven fact there are several ways to successfully shoe a horse, we feel our platform allows farriers to excel and succeed.

Our primary focus has been and will continue to be four-fold:

  1. Continuing Education (for all farriers and others involved in the farrier industry)
  2. Inclusivity (welcoming all farriers to join our membership)
  3. Transparency (making all aspects of the association available for our membership to know and view)
  4. Member Support (providing support and promotion of our members).