For a professional trade organization, like the American Association of Professional Farriers, to operate in a professional manner you must have a "Professional" at the helm of the organization! We are proud to have Bryan Quinsey as our Executive Director.

Bryan has over 20 years of non-profit management experience. Additionally, he has been involved in the farrier industry since 2001 and the horse industry for over 40 years. Bryan works diligently on a daily basis to promote our members and our organization.

In developing our budget we set a goal of 250 new members each year for the first five years. We recognize that we were conservative in our projections but we were also realistic. Bryan was very much involved in those discussions since his salary and benefits are included in that budget. He is committed to the AAPF and its success. We're glad that he is part of our team!

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns please call him at 859-533-1465 or email AAPF@ProfessionalFarriers.com