Questions regarding the funding source for the AAPF are often asked.

At the inception, each founding member contributed $1,000 each to become members. This money was used to pay start-up costs including contractual services of a part-time consultant. Other expenses included the initial development of the website. NO monies or any other contributions were given, assumed or used.

A "soft-launch" was held in mid-December 2011. Membership dues were received and deposited in an account. A full accounting of that account is posted on the AAPF website under the "Members Only" section.

A breakdown of revenue sources for our 2012 Budget:

Membership Dues - 90%
Farrier Assistance Fund - 1.5%
Website Advertisements - 8 %
Embroidered Clothing - 0.5%

The 2012 Budget, current Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheets are posted on the Members Only section for all members to review at their convenience.

Click here to a link to the Profit & Loss Statement showing the initial funding sources and expenses prior to the launch. We want to have every interested party know that the association was funded exclusively by the Founding Board Members and no outside resources were accepted from any manufacturer, distributor or retail supplier.