e-hoof.com is a state-of-the-art, interactive web platform dedicated to the horse and the hoof. Vets, farriers, horse owners, trainers or anyone else with an interest in the horse will find knowledge and information contributed by specialists in their fields, divided into discrete topics and many small chapters. Its modular, user-friendly structure allows users to customise their content according to their specific requirements: e-hoof.com is suitable for use as a teaching aid for individuals at the outset of their training as well as being a source of information for established equine professionals wishing to develop their knowledge.

• Hippology including chapters on evolution, behaviour, handling, conformation and hoof evaluation
• Anatomy including detailed chapters on the musculoskeletal syst
em and the hoof, basic information on organ systems and a section on biomechanics
• Horseshoeing covering everything from routine hoof care to rem
edial shoeing
• Disorders of the hoof including chapters on hoof diseases, orthopaedic examination and diagnostic imaging


• More than 100 chapters
• Easy-to-use website navigation features with search function
• More than 3’000 photos and illustrations, over 50 interactive figures
• More than 200 training videos
• Comprehensive anatomy atlas including interactive 3D models of the distal limb and hoof
• Glossary with over 1,000 terms relating to the horse, hoof and horseshoeing
• Extensive list of literature references linked to the Medline PubMed database
• Full printable manuscripts of the learning material

Our aim is to provide an attractive, accessible platform through which to promote a high standard of knowledge, care and workmanship within the equine industry, because sound knowledge forms the basis of good equine welfare practice. For students or practising professional farriers or equine veterinary surgeons, or for concerned horse owners, trainers or grooms, e-hoof.com provides well presented, up-to-date information wherever it is required.

The platform has two primary opportunities – a free, on-line glossary of many of the terms involved in equine hoof-care, in a variety of languages and with images of each term.  The second opportunity requires an annual subscription to the program.  This opportunity includes videos and articles in four primary areas of instruction: general equine knowledge, anatomy, horseshoeing, and disorders of the hoof.

A free 15 day trial version of e-hoof.com is available by
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The American and Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers have established an Educational Partnership with the University of Zurich which will allow current AAPF/CAPF members to earn a 25% discount per year.  Regular price: $98 per year; AAPF/CAPF Discounted Price: $74.95 per year.   To purchase your discounted license, please click here.

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