Credentialing Overview

Committee Mission:

To develop, enhance and promote a program (Farrier Credentialing) which offers members the opportunity to enhance their commitment to continuing education while providing connections to horse owners representing various disciplines, breeds, and/or specialties. While creating such a program, emphasis should be given to develop, enhance and promote relationships with other equine associations (Alliances) which share similar objectives.

2020 Chairman:

     Lester Yoder APF-I

     5242 Force Road
     Shreve, OH 44676
     Phone:  (330) 473-7078



Now is the time to join with your fellow AAPF/IAPF farriers as you fully commit to a new level of Continuing Education.  Never before in the history of the farrier industry has an opportunity like the AAPF/IAPF Farrier Credentialing been offered. Through this Journey youll take steps which will demonstrate to horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, and others in the horse industry your personal commitment to your profession!

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