The management of the AAPF/IAPF is conducted through Standing Committees. New members are encouraged to contact the Chairman of the various committees to indicate their willingness to serve on the respective committee.
From time-to-time the Board of Directors may appoint Task Forces to deal with specific topics not otherwise covered under the Standing Committees. These Task Forces shall deal specifically with the assigned topic. The Board of Directors will seek out persons to serve on these Task Forces based upon the information provided by the member in their profile.

In 2017, the Board of Directors approved a re-structuring of our Committee System.  This included the reduction of the number of committees from 14 to 6, and the governance of the committees to be led by specific members of the AAPF/IAPF Board of Directors.

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer committee member?  If so, please
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CREDENTIALING COMMITTEE (Formerly Alliances and Farrier Credentialing Committees)

Mission:  To develop, enhance and promote a program (Farrier Credentialing) which offers members the opportunity to enhance their commitment to Continuing Education, while providing connections to horse owners representing various disciplines, breeds, and/or specialties.  While creating such a program, emphasis should be given to develop, enhance and promote relationships with other equine associations (Alliances) which share similar objectives.

Tim Cable APF I
Blasdell, New York and Wellington, Florida
Phone: (716) 713-3001

Committee Members:


EDUCATION COMMITTEE (Formerly Accreditation, Continuing Education and Online Education Committees)

Mission: To continue the enhancement of our educational initiatives established by the association, including the promotion of Accreditation, Continuing Education, and Online Education programming.

Mike Hayward APF-I

Morgan Hill, California
Phone: (360) 770-8116


A.  Continuing Education:
Andrew Carruthers CJF APF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 619-4592

Committee Members:
  • Gabe Griffin CF APF-I (California)
  • Shira Nafshi APF (New Hampshire)
  • Sara Wollaston-Hayden CF APF (Pennsylvania)

FINANCE COMMITTEE (Formerly Finance Committee)

Mission: To develop a financial plan to meet the short and long term financial needs of the association. To prepare the Annual Budget.  To oversee the Educational Partnership program, including the scheduling of events and identifying potential clinicians for each event.

Roy Bloom CJF APF-I (Treasurer of the AAPF)

Drummond, Wisconsin
Phone: (716) 739-6331

Committee Members:
  • Dave Farley CF APF-I (Ohio & Florida)
  • James Gilchrist APF (Florida)
  • John Harshbarger (Texas)
  • Adam Wynbrandt APF-I (California)

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (Formerly Mentoring, Nominating & Elections, and Roy Bloom Scholarship Committees)

Mission: To monitor and support programs which enhance the leadership talents of the membership.

Mike Bagley CJF II APF-I

Canton, Ohio
Phone: (330) 936-3298


A.  Mentoring:

B.  Nominating & Elections
Dave Farley CF APF-I
Coshocton, Ohio & Loxahatchee, Florida
Phone:  (561) 310-1549

C.  Roy Bloom Scholarship
Ashley Gasky APF-I
Ballston Lake, New York
Phone: (518) 224-8704

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (Formerly Farrier Assistance and Membership Development Committees)

Mission: To develop and maintain the membership benefits for the membership, while also developing a membership recruitment and retention plan for the association. To oversee the AAPF/IAPF Farrier Assistance program to provide short-term assistance to ill or injured AAPF/IAPF members.

Cathy Lesperance APF-I

Fergus, Ontario, Canada
Phone:  (519) 572-9774

Luke Farmer APF-I

Murillo, Ontario, Canada
Phone:  (807) 627-3334

Gary Gatts APF-I

Fredericktown, Pennsylvania
Phone:  (724) 263-5356

Committee Members:


PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE (Formerly Public Relations & Communications and Social Media Committees)

Mission: To develop and implement an overall public relations program which promotes current programming of the association both internally (members) and externally (non-members), as well as educational initiatives including articles and case studies for various external media outlets (American Farriers Journal, The Horse, publications of Alliance members, etc.). To develop and share programming to promote the association using all aspects of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Curtis Burns APF-I

Wellington, Florida
Phone: (561) 628-1211

Darren Owen CF APF

Scottsville, Virginia
Phone:  (757) 478-1399

Committee Members: