CE Sub-Committee

Continuing Education Sub-Committee

The Continuing Education Sub-Committee reviews every application for IAPF Continuing Education Credits. Included in the review process is a determination as to the number of CE Credits which will be offered at the events.  Included in a complete application package are:  Application Form (includes name of event, location, contact person, clinician(s), etc.), schedule of events for the event (ideally this should be an overview of the clinician's presentation), and any marketing material for the event (flyers, links to websites, Facebook, etc.).

CLICK HERE for an application to offer IAPF CE Credits for an event you are hosting.

CLICK HERE for an application to request IAPF CE Credits for events which you have attended (Podcasts, Webinars, etc.)

2020 Chairman:

Gabriel (Gabe) Griffin CF APF-I
of Orangevale, California

CLICK HERE to email Gabe

2020 Committee Member:

Patrick McKinzey APF of Lincoln, California

2020 Committee Member:

Sara Wollaston Hayden CF APF-I
of Greensburg, Pennsylvania