CE Application & Sign-In Forms

Continuing Education Credits Application
Click Here for a fill-in-the-blank application. Ideally, a copy of the flyer and schedule should be attached to this application.  Once this form is completed it can be submitted directly to the AAPF/IAPF office.

Hosting responsibilities include:
  • Submit a timely application (recommend that it be submitted 45 days prior to the event to allow adequate time to promote event)
  • Provide to the AAPF/IAPF office, within 10 days of the event completion, a list of all AAPF/IAPF members who have attended each pre-approved CE event.
  • Be willing to collaborate with the AAPF/IAPF office if any discrepancies occur after the event regarding a farrier attending all or any portion of the event.
  • The host or sponsor shall include, in any event advertisement or electronic broadcast, a reference describing the event as AAPF/IAPF Continuing Education Approved. Such reference should include, if available at time of advertisement or broadcast, the number of AAPF/IAPF CE credits awarded for event participation.
  • Hosts should work to ensure that the intention, presentation, and facility are provided and delivered in a professional manner. A healthy and safe environment should be provided which reduces opportunities for disruptions.
  • Hosts, sponsors, clinicians and members of the AAPF/IAPF shall always be mindful of the adopted AAPF/IAPF Code of Ethics (as adopted in the AAPF Bylaws):
    • Members shall not compromise their personal and professional ethics in any way that will be detrimental to the health of the farrier or equine industries.
    • Members shall work continually to improve the quality of service they make available to their customers and fellow members.
    • Members shall observe all civil laws and shall uphold the honor and dignity of the industry by striving to conduct an honest and competent business.
    • Members shall participate in activities and organizations which promote the growth and health of the farrier and equine industries.
Continuing Education Sign-In Sheet
Click Here for a Sign-In Sheet which can be used at any pre-approved event. This completed form should be sent to the AAPF/IAPF office as soon as possible after the event.  Hosts may also use their own form instead of this form.