Call for Nominations


The AAPF/CAPF Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors.  This call for nominations is the start of the selection process for the AAPF/CAPF 2015 Board of Directors and we invite you to nominate yourself or a colleague you think would be strategic for one of three openings.

This is an annual opportunity for AAPF/CAPF members to nominate leaders in the farrier industry to the AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors. Please consider nominating yourself or a fellow farrier before November 3, 2014.


Step 1:  Call for Nominations.  Nominations open May 1, 2014 and close November 3, 2014.

Step 2:  Announcing the Slate. AAPF/CAPF announces the slate of candidates for the available Director positions.

Step 3:  Members Vote.  Beginning in mid November, AAPF/CAPF  members are invited to cast an online ballot with one ballot per Regular, Regular Founding, Regular Life or Honorary Life member.  The online system will allow eligible members to vote only once.  AAPF/CAPF members not having an email address will be mailed a ballot with instructions on how to submit their confidential ballot.

Step 4:  Announcing the New Board. The new Directors will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the AAPF/CAPF at the International Hoof-Care Summit in February 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The new Board will take office at the conclusion of that Annual Meeting.


Nominate Yourself or Someone Else

Serving on the AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors comes with several requirements, which all applicants must review before submitting an application. Before submitting a nomination, please read the Expectations of Nominees to AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors. Then, select if you will be nominating yourself or someone else and you will be able to enter the appropriate online submission form.

    Nominate yourself for the AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors
    Nominate someone else for the AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors

For more information, please contact Bob Schantz APF CJF, chairman of the AAPF/CAPF Nominating Committee at 636-887-1825 or email