When the AAPF, and subsequently the CAPF and IAPF, was created, we included the Board of Directors as the governing body of the association(s).  This Board of Directors currently includes the eight (8) Directors, the four (4) elected Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Immediate Past President), and the Executive Director. 
In the development of our Bylaws we also created a category of membership for “Honorary Members”.  These Honorary Members may be an individual, company or organization which has been nominated by a member and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Honorary Members pay no dues, have no voting rights, and may not hold office.
In reviewing the organizational charts of other organizations we have determined that we needed to include another level of structure in our associations.  The “Board of Trustees” is comprised of current dues paying members (i.e. Regular or Associate) who are in a position to offer the AAPF/IAPF guidance, financial or other forms of support. 
The honorary position of being a member of the Board of Trustees will provide the associations with “goodwill ambassadors” throughout the farrier and equine industries. 

Any member of the association may nominate fellow members to become members of the Board of Trustees.  Initially, Trustees will serve a three-year term but their terms will automatically renew unless they wish to resign.  To nominate a member, please contact either the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Executive Director.

Current members of the Board of Trustees include:
Chairman: Dave Farley CF APF-I
Coshocton, Ohio and Wellington, Florida
Phone: (561) 310-1549
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Term: 2016, 2017
Vice-Chairman: Adam Wynbrandt APF-I
Sacramento, California
Phone: (916) 925-6534
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Term: 2016, 2017
Secretary: Bryan Quinsey
Shelbyville, Kentucky & West Palm Beach, Florida
Phone: (859) 533-1465
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Trustee: Daisy Bicking APF-I
Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: (905) 751-4625
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Brent Brown APF
Northport, Maine & Wellington, FLorida
Phone: (207) 749-2364
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: David Dawson APF
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (905) 751-4625
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Appointed: 2016
Trustee: James Gilchrist APF
Wellington, Florida
Phone: (561) 308-0346
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Juergen Gotthardt FdSc AWCF BSc (Hons)
Eisen, Westerwald, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 172-259-0675
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Jennifer Horn CJF APF
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
Phone: (906) 440-2537
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Appointed: 2014
Currently on Leave of Absence
Trustee: Scott Lampert APF
Lake Elmo, Minnesota
Phone: (612) 282-5529
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Appointed:  2015
Trustee: Jeremy McGovern
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Phone: (262) 777-2410
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Appointed:  2017
Trustee: Bob Pethick CJF APF
Califon, New Jersey
Phone: (908) 879-5627
Click here to email Bob
Appointed:  2015
Trustee: Ed Reardon CJF APF
Lone Jack, Missouri
Phone:  (816) 830-4679
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Appointed: 2016
Trustee: Frank Reilly DVM APF
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Phone: (484) 645-1164
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Jeff Ridley CJF TE APF
Leighton, Iowa
Phone: (641) 660-1551
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Appointed: 2016
Trustee: Bob Smith CF APF-I
Plymouth, California
Phone: (209) 245-3920
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Wesley Stewart APF
Colo Vale, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 412 289 411
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Appointed: 2017
Trustee: Shane Westman APF-I
Davis, California
Phone: (360) 770-8116
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Appointed:  2017
Trustee: Tom Willoughby CF APF
Crown Point, Indiana
Phone: (219) 306-3306
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Appointed:  2017
Trustee: Doug Workman CJF APF
Cleveland, Georgia
Phone: (706) 892-7331
Click here to email Doug
Appointed:  2015

  Click here to review the Bylaws specific to the AAPF/IAPF Board of Trustees