We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our "Alliance Members".  Through these organizations and companies the AAPF/CAPF/IAPF will offer educational articles, materials and videos to our members and members of these organizations (horse owners, trainers, etc.).  This supplied information will allow their members to become more informed about proper hoofcare and continuing education.

4083 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: (859) 259-2742
Email: saddlebred@asha.net
www.asha.net or www.saddlebred.com

AAPF/IAPF Contact: Bill Whitley, Executive Director

Horse Association shall have the purposes of safeguarding the integrity, and SaddlebredThe American "
expanding the knowledge of the American Saddlebred; educating the general public in the exhibiting, use, and history of American Saddlebred horses and the improvement of the breed; promoting the humane treatment of American Saddlebred horses; stimulating and promoting interest in all matters pertaining to the history, breeding, exhibiting, and improvement of the breed; encouraging safe equestrian activities; educating youth with respect to safe and proper horsemanship and the showing of horses by promoting the formation of youth associations and the dissemination of educational materials; and awarding scholarships to participants in youth horse programs."

3720 W. Pullman Road, Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: (208) 882-5578
Email: publicrelations@appaloosa.com
Web: www.appaloosa.com
Contact: Steve Taylor, CEO
"The Appaloosa Horse Club is the international breed registry serving ApHC members and Appaloosa enthusiasts by recording and preserving the horses' heritage and history, and by providing services that promote, enhance and improve the Appaloosa, a breed defined by ApHC bloodline requirements and preferred characteristics, including coat pattern."

259 Muddy Fork Road, Jonesborough, TN 37659
Phone: (423) 913-1022
Fax: (423) 913-1023
Email:  centraloffice@abana.org
Web:  www.abana.org

AAPF/IAPF Contact: Eddie Rainey, President

"The Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America, Inc. began in 1973 with only twenty seven blacksmiths who had a vision. Their vision has unfolded with a membership that has grown and is now 4000 strong. The resurgence of the “lost” art of blacksmithing is unmistakably evident. ABANA is a non-profit organization directed by a board of 15 members who serve voluntarily as officers and on committees. The resolutions by the board determine the services to be provided within an annual budget. The operations and publications staff of ABANA deliver services as contractors or employees."

3870 Cigar Lane, Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: (859) 225-6700
Email: wallen@ushja.org
Web: www.ushja.org

AAPF/IAPF Contacts: Kevin Price, Executive Director & Whitney Allen, Managing Director
"The USHJA, as the National Affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation for the Hunter/Jumper discipline, promotes our sport and the well being of its participants, offers broad based education for our members and provides the framework for the conduct of our sport."

4041 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: (859) 254-7669
E-mail: development@ponyclub.org
Web:  www.ponyclub.org
AAPF/IAPF Contact: Marian
Wahlgren, Development Director
"The mission of Pony Club is to "develop character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.” Members of USPC have joined an organization dedicated to producing well-rounded horsemen and women and one that has produced many of the past and current Olympic and International riders.  USPC is unique because its educational programs place equal emphasis on the teaching of riding skills, horse-care fundamentals, and team participation with sportsmanship. From the moment youth join USPC until they graduate, they are part of a broad network of activities and educational programs that promote the health and safety of both horse and rider. USPC is dedicated to developing knowledgeable, competent, responsible, and caring horsemen."